Belle Ford – lesbian (Official Music Video)


If you ask Belle Ford what kind of music she makes, “ it’s like a conversation on the purpose of life in a club at 3am”. Describing the enigmatic artists personal brand it is deeply reflective, honest, yet undeniably relatable, genre defying electro pop. “My art allows me to express my deepest and darkest emotions and equally empowers my listeners to do the same, so we can heal together.”

Belle Ford paints time with unique song structures, sound design, poetic lyricism, and brutal honesty. Her music is genre-blurring with influences of Electro Pop (Billie Eilish) combined with an alternative production style (Rosalia), but is primarily Belle fords style.

In a male dominated industry, Belle Ford now produces, writes, and sings all of her songs, embodying female empowerment which consequently created a unique expression. Her latest single, “Blackout” dives into her darkest experiences of Alcohol abuse and the ‘trend’ of blacking out to have good night, tossing any respect and compassion for oneself. This is a prime example of her music healing though feeling, it is therapy for her and her fans.

Belle Ford creates raw, imaginative music with a deep message. Having finished her Bachelor’s in Music Production and Sound Engineering at the prestigious Electronic music school Point Blank, she is making an imprint on the music scene, inspiring to process emotions and traumata with beautifully curated art.